Pam’s healing is amazing. My 12 year old dressage horse “Honorbound” suffered from unidentified pain and stiffness, which kept him from progressing in his training. I tried everything: changing his diet, adding specialized supplements, giving him monthly injections reducing his training, adding regular chiropractic and equine massage sessions. His improvement was only marginal. My vet did numerous blood tests and muscle biopsies. Everything came back negative. After a year of ups and downs, and in consultation with my vet, I decided to treat his back and stifles with hyaluronic acid injections. While he improved, there was still something missing. I was desperate and willing to try anything. That’s when I found Pam. After only a few sessions, I saw my horse’s whole body release in a way I had never seen before. After half a dozen sessions, he was a new horse. For the first time in years he is able to carry himself and move with the fluidity and grace I always new he had. With Pam’s healing touch, kindness and patience my boy is finally realizing his full potential. I am thrilled that we were able to ride in our first show recently and are working towards our USDF bronze medal! Thank you Pam!

Stefanie Sobol

San Juan Capistrano


Pamela came over to our home to meet with our cat “Ashley” She immediately knew where he was blocked, his right side of his face. They spent some time together alone and then when they came out he seemed bright eyed and happy again. I hadn’t seen him look that way in years. She was able to clear a block in his nasal passage that he has been dealing with for a number of years. She also was able to give us some great advice for maintaining his health going forward. We can tell he is more comfortable now and that means the world to us.

Lissa and Ashley, Laguna Beach


“I met Pamela through a friend and have been looking for a healer for quite sometime now. I have been working on my health for years and have been through many physicians offices, modalities and everything I could possibly find. I have had many traumas and emotional happenings in my life but did not realize how much our bodies hold on to this trauma down to the cellular level. I felt like I have done a lot of work on myself but Pamela is really the “help” I have been looking for! She is in the process of helping me heal and I have felt less stressed and lighter than I have in over 12 years. Thank you so very much for what you do Pamela. You are a true gift and I feel so blessed and thankful to have met you.”

Elyse H.


“Pamela has an amazing gift-she alleviated much of the pain my ex-grand prix jumping mare was experiencing while colicing. While the vet was unable to determine the type or cause of the colic, Pamela was able to feel the location of the gas and cramping my mare was experiencing.”

MoonIndio, CA


I loved that Pamela took her time and explained her process with me before she started. She intuitively knew where to focus on my body, and took a very hands on approach to defuse the deeply rooted pain. I could feel my body healing during our sessions. She has a ‘gift’.”

Corporate VP, Healthcare


I first came to Pam when my pug Charley had an aggressively growing mouth tumor and was facing surgery to remove most of his jaw to as the only way to “cure” it. This was the diagnosis from four different vets including 2 dental specialists and an oncologist. At the time I remember thinking there has to be another way, and that there would be no way for a dog (with a small mouth to begin with) to have any sort of quality of life. I just could not do it to him. When I read about radiation treatment, the long term risks were actually worse. At that point, I turned away from western medicine. I started him on a raw diet and herbal supplements, and began taking him to Pam on a weekly basis for energy healing sessions for 2 months. She has such a good energy and connection to animals. Charley was immediately comfortable with her… in fact, he would fall asleep for the entire hour (snoring) as soon as she just laid her hands on him. Pam could feel when he had energy releases during his session, and she could also tell me where Charley was feeling pain or discomfort (Pam being an empath was very helpful). During the time we were coming to her, I took Charley to have the visible part of his tumor above the gum to be removed, but told the surgeon to leave his jaw and the remaining tumor under the gum and in the jaw bone intact. He questioned my decision and told me the tumor would grow back to be the same size within two weeks, and that the only way to prevent this was to remove most of his left jaw with clean margins.Sometimes one has to take a leap of faith and know there is a greater power at work that can heal beyond what modern medicine can accomplish. The work Pam does can bring energy back into alignment to help the body heal. We completed our sessions and a year later the tumor did not only NOT grow back, but x-rays showed that the rest of it had completely disappeared, much to the doctor’s confusion/amazement. “He must’ve just gotten lucky”. I credit Pam with helping my baby heal.

Much appreciation and love,Jen, Charley, and Finn


Pamela Foster has an intuitive gift of healing and sensitivity. She has the ability to help identify the source of pain and discomfort. When allowed, she can assist with the healing. Her integrity is impeccable.

Debbie Seitz
Laguna Beach, California


Our beloved pet was ill and our veterinarian had done all he could medically for her. Her heart was enlarged and the only medicine that could correct the problem would be harmful to her weakened kidneys. A friend referred me to Pamela Foster as an animal healer. What a wonderful thing our friend did for us! Pamela’s compassionate nature combined with her healing abilities transformed a very painful and difficult time into an amazing experience. As a clairvoyant able to see and read auras, I was able to actually witness the changes in our dog’s health. After several healings with Pamela our vet was amazed! The heart x-rays showed it had returned to its normal size … something our vet said was “medically impossible without medication.” We are forever in awe of Pamela’s abilities and abundantly grateful to her.

Robert and Linda Ruff


Ok I just had a healing session with Pamela Foster who does animal and people healings and I seriously do not know 1 person that could not benefit from this amazing experience. I was so tight from stress, couldn’t even touch my eye among other things. I feel 100% better. Its magical. Check out her page. I seriously didn’t know what I was going to do I was in so much pain. Thank you Pamela
P. S. I could not even move my neck. Pamela also worked on my foot after I had surgery and it would not heal. She fixed that as well. This is the best! Call her!

Joan – Newport Beach


My little girl kitty, Lilly, began shaking and I took her to my vet to see what he thought it might be. Going to the vet for Lilly is truly a traumatic experience and stresses all of us out.
I remember being disappointed when we got to the vet because one of the first things I remember him saying is that he probably couldn’t diagnose it, that I would need to see a specialist/neurologist but that he could rule out some things with some blood tests. Which we did. Quite a few hundred dollars and a stressful car ride later all the tests came back fine and I was no closer to finding out what was wrong with Lilly. And she was still shaking.
We had just lost Lilly’s paternal brother a few months previously. This was after we spent literally $1000’s on trying to help him. I really regretted my choices of care and I swore I would never go down that route again.
I waited to see if Lilly got worse, she seemed to get better sometimes and then worse again and that went on for 6 months. Then I noticed she started to limp a little and got nervous, what could I do that would really help my precious little kitty? And finally I remembered about Pamela the Healer.

Pamela came over early and immediately started to “work” on Lilly, she literally “felt” what was going on with Lilly. Pamela laid her hands on her neck. She said she could feel something on the left side. Lilly is a very shy kitty and at first wasn’t too keen on Pamela touching her, so Pamela decided to work on herself in the spot on her neck, that she “felt” Lilly’s pain. Within a minute or so of Pamela “working” on herself, on her own neck, Lilly totally relaxed in my arms. It made me so happy to see Lilly starting to feel better after seeing her suffer for the last 6 months. Then after about 5 minutes Pamela put her hands back on Lilly and she was quiet and let Pamela work on her with no vocalization or trying to get away, just a look back every once in while of “I am not sure who you are but I am starting to get that you are helping me.” It was really sweet.
The amazing thing to me was that the shaking was stopping, I was still holding her on my lap so I could feel her movements and I didn’t feel anything. When the hour was up, Lilly’s pain seemed to be gone, no more shaking, trembling, or head jerking. In my eyes it was nothing short of a miracle.

Lilly slept soundly for the whole day, in all kinds of positions I hadn’t seen her in for a while, she seemed out of pain. Every time she did wake up, she would come and sit on my lap and purr and purr and no shaking. I was in awe. Her eyes were clear and white and sparkling green like I hadn’t seen in years.
Pamela thought Lilly had pulled a muscle in her leg, so to prevent Lilly from jumping too much we have built some ramps to her favorite places and blocked off those places that are just too high. Her limp is getting better by the day.
I know there are times where a vet is completely needed and thank God for their service, but when you don’t know what is going on with your babies and you have a resource/healer like Pamela to utilize to help you diagnose and even heal the problem, I am shouting from the mountain tops, try it, your babies will literally thank you, I know you will be as amazed as my husband and I are. Pamela is a gifted healer, it is real, it is possible. She can feel your pets pain and then help clear their pain with her healing method. Thankfully I remembered to call her this time and I hope you will too.
With appreciation,

Lissa and Ian


I asked Pamela to help me with some physical pain I have on the right side of my face and body. She was able to visually see where I had weakness and where I needed to heal my physical body. She then performed a healing on me that was incredible. I felt my whole body become lighter and happier, Parts of my body that felt numb and weak suddenly felt strong and energized. The fear that had a hold of me was dissolved away. Pamela reminded me to not live in a place of fear and to heal myself with loving, confident, thoughts. I feel incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to know her and have her healing energy help me and my family. She went right to the root of my issues, and identified how to stop the progression. Which was exactly what I needed.

Thank you Pamela!
Lissa, Laguna Beach


Pamela’s gift of healing has helped my two mixed rescued Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.

Mesa had injured her knee and after several weeks of no real improvement, I was advised by our Vet that she would need surgery. Mesa was limping and not behaving in her usual puppy-like manner. Pamela came to the house and to my surprise, my normally independent and skeptical pup, completely relaxed and allowed Pamela to work on her. With her special healing gift, she worked on Mesa and afterwards told me that within 3-4 hours, Mesa would be much better. Within less than 2 hours, Mesa was playing and engaging Cisco to chase. I was shocked.

Cisco was injured when a friend allowed him to jump out of a pickup truck, causing his back to hyper-extend and excruciating pain which I later found out was due to spinal fusion. Many visits to the vet, MRI’s, neurologist visits and medications, still left him very limited in movement. His pain was so intense that he would screech out in pain when he would step down with his hind legs. While medications would sedate him, it was heartbreaking to see this playful pup drugged out to function through the day. The vet informed me although uncommon in a 2 year old dog, that his vertebrae would eventually fuse and cause him to be completely limited in his movement. Again, I contacted Pamela to see if she could help with his pain. She worked on him and told me that he would have improvement in 4-5 days. On the fourth day, Cisco was walking without that horrific sounding loud screech…and within a few days following, actually walked down the stairs. It has been over two years since her healings and both dogs have not had surgery and continue to enjoy their trips to the dog park. Her healing abilities have also helped me manage severe headaches resulting from a car accident injury.

I have sent numerous pet referrals to Pamela because; although I do not completely understand how her special gift and intuition for isolating the cause of and healing the pain works, I have seen her improve the quality of life for myself and both of my dogs.

Nanci – Laguna Beach , CA


Pamela’s gift is beyond my understanding, but it is very real and very powerful. I first went to Pamela because of a specific health problem for which conventional medicine has had a poor record. This was a potentially life threatening condition and as soon as Pamela began to use her power on me, I completely relaxed. I could tell she knew what she was doing because she immediately began concentrating on the right area even though I had not told her very much about the problem. She cured that problem in only a few sessions and I have the occasional faint twinge to remind me of what might have happened without her. I value the reminder.I continue to schedule sessions with Pamela when I get to Southern California because she found the deeper roots of my original problem. These are the usual emotional traumas of childhood which I had buried. I thought I had exorcised these demons but they were still in me. Initially, Pamela would do all the work while I would sleep. Of late, she has shown me how to participate in her work. I get some satisfaction in helping and I think I am making faster progress. Pamela still does the the bulk of the work. I consider it extra-ordinary good fortune to have met Pamela when I did and wonder if our civilization made a very poor choice centuries ago when “science” turned its back on people with this gift. Maybe someday, “science” will have the maturity and self confidence to re-examine.

Gerald AuthWestfield, MA


Several months ago our 12 year old golden retriever was diagnosed with lymphoma, Pamela suggested that she might be able to help. My husband and I decided to try chemo as our vet thought that she would be a good candidate and it would give her some quality time with us. After the first chemo treatment she was extremely sick, no appetite for days on end and we thought she was going fast. Pamela came over and worked with her and she responded immediately. I cannot say how her empathic healing works but my dog understood and felt her healing abilities at once. This was early May of this year. We decided to not try any more chemo after the first treatment and “Our dog has been literally thriving since.” We know that the lymphoma cannot be cured but our dog is in no pain, her appetite is good now and she even goes for walks with us!I would highly recommend Pamela Foster. She has a unique ability to sense, feel and heal.

Jane Browne, Laguna Beach, CA


Dear Pamela,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your healing abilities with me.

On February 9, 2008 I was bitten by a dog. The wound, though it did not seem that bad at the time became ugly, painful and infected. Even with all the antibiotics the wound did not want to heal and my system could not handle anymore antibiotics.

You were so kind, you asked me if you could do a healing on my leg and of course I said yes; I was willing to try anything to get it looking and feeling better.

I just want to say, your gift is amazing. Not only did my wound feel better, but it began to heal.

I have now known you long enough to see not just the results of my own experience with you, but I have had the privilege of seeing you help others.

Thank you for sharing with me your wonderful gift. You never cease to amaze me with your ability to help heal both humans and animals. You are a gift to the

With Respect,
Victoria Sartor


Hi Pam,You won’t believe this but I was talking to Lisa and Brian and they told me that when you were at the barn you mentioned that you felt that the grey horse had a problem with his right front leg. Well, guess what? It did. They had the horse for 7 months and noticed the problem a few days after! WOW! They are amazed…….Thought I’d let you know.

Leah Orosa


I have had several healings from Pamela for neck pain and headaches, always with good results. My son has MS and has also benefitted from Pamela’s remarkable healing abilities. We have both also received distant healing with equal success.

Tricia Arnold


Pamela is an amazing and gifted intuitive healer. She has done healings for me and my dog. My dog recently had surgery on one of his back legs and Pamela helped to heal an open wound that turned out to be a be an aggressive staph infection. He just recently had a check-up and he is all clear from the infection. During the healing she also felt that his back paw was “hurting him”. She had no knowledge that earlier in the day he had banged his back paw on the back seat while getting into the car. She worked on relieving that pain. I have had several healings myself and each time I walk away feeling clearer and centered. She has helped with pain in my back and legs. She can feel as much as she can “see” what is going on inside your body as she’s doing the healing. She describes colors and symbols that she envisions as she’s doing the healing. Pamela offers insight to what they signify and in my experience are completely relevant to my life. I highly recommend Pamela as she has the sensitivity and keen ability to heal and address the entire person/animal as a whole.

Thank you Pamela!Michelle & Mulligan


To Whom It May concern;
Last month, I was diagnosed with an acute case of chicken pox. Being in my late forties, the virus was extreme and quite long lasting.
Pamela Foster performed a healing for me upon which the virus subsided almost immediately. I could literally feel the itching change to a mild tingling and within a few days the spots were virtually gone.
I highly recommend Pamela’s healing energy.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Patti Morse


I run 2 large dog groups in San Diego, The San Diego French Bulldog Group and The San Diego Mastiff Group, because my community knows me I am often contacted to help dogs in need. This is how I was contacted to pick up two Old English Bulldogs in Victorville, Molly and Thatcher (then he was called Moe, but he refused to respond to it).

Thatcher was so emaciated and unhealthy his entire body was taken over by demodex. He had no fur on his body and he could not stand up straight. I took him to the vet, and although Thatcher was eating and pooping, he gave him less than 50% chance of surviving. He felt that we just got to him too late. After 1 week Thatcher took a turn for the worse and for 2 days would not eat. His eyes told me he was giving up the will to live. I had met Pam Foster and realized that she was my best hope to give this sweet boy a fighting chance. So I called her up.

Pam spent an hour with him and within an hour after she left Thatcher defecated a leash, A LEASH. The poor thing had been so hungry he had swallowed a leash (not with me). The vet never thought he had a blockage because he was eating and had bowel movements. After he passed the leash he started eating like one of my mastiffs and became a happy, playful puppy!

Angela Adu-BaduSan Diego County


I have personally experienced Pamela’s ability to heal. Although I was skeptical at first, I now feel she has an incredible gift that could be used to further animal care extensively. She is incredibly intelligent and passionate about the health and well being of the animals she works with, and the people she heals as well. I would be honored to be a reference for Pamela Foster, and for her to use my own personal testimony of her ability to heal. I think Pamela is a new “breed” of animal caretaker, and I think she has more ability that she even knows at this point.

Kelly O’Brien
Executive Service Manager


I met Pamela at the pet store in North Laguna, I have two white lab pups that are littermates.
Lily had a major rear knee and joint issue. She played too hard with her sister.
I saw two specialists both recommended surgery to replace the knee.
Pamela worked on Lily consecutively for several weeks and after three visits there was a noticeable difference. After three months Lily was pain free, no limping, no surgery. She and Ginger run and play like crazy. My girls both love to visit Pamela.
I am totally convinced that this alternative therapy was the right thing to do. Our vet is amazed and Lily is a healthy and happy almost three year old.

Madeline Swinden, Laguna Beach


“It was June 4th and I had been on the road lugging my camera gear for over two weeks. My first vertebra was going out and I was nowhere close to home to meet my chiropractor. I have been a regular customer ever since the snowboard accident in Vermont 2003. But as fate will have it, I met Pamela Foster. She sensed my pain and proceeded to examine it closer from ten yards away. I would have thought she was a little strange except that I have met clairsentient persons in my adult life. People who can feel another’s ailments and actually have the ability to tune into the “feeling nature” of an individual and become like them. She said she would work on my neck during the day and sure enough that evening the discomfort was gone. Not only was it gone but also it never came back during the trip. Five days later I returned home and did not have to visit the chiropractor.”

Jack Kenner
Dog Portrait Photographer
Memphis, TN


“My dog Sydney has had issues with seizures on and off for most of her life. Years ago she was on medication that wasn’t working, and the vet didn’t have any other options. Luckily, I found Pamela through a friend and decided to try a session with her. After only one session, the seizures went away and Sydney no longer had to take medication. After several years, the seizures started coming back frequently and with more intensity. I finally called Pam and Sydney had two sessions with her. Since then, about 3 months ago, Sydney has had no seizures at all. She is so happy and healthy and I am no longer worried about a seizure outbreak.I will continue to take Sydney in to see Pam a few times a year to make sure she doesn’t have any blocks creeping back in to trigger the seizures. Pam was very intuitive as to what was happening and very good with handling my little Yorkie. I’m thrilled that Sydney is so healthy and will have a long life free of seizures. Pam is the best and definitely worth it to keep your pets healthy and happy. I highly recommend her!”

Sincerely,Megan Salisbury


Dear Pamela,

Let me start by saying you are the best! Back in about March of 2008 I injured my back-setting down a laundry basket of all things. For weeks I was in pain, seeing a chiropractor every other day for weeks, with little relief. Finally one day you offered to work on my back, and me in general. The next morning I woke-up and my back was 95% better. I could stand up straight and the pain was for the most part completely gone! All was good for months and then I once again carelessly did some work with out protecting my back. By the second day I could not sit or stand and I was beside myself with pain. It was a Sunday evening, what was I going to do? I thought about calling you, and finally decided that is what I needed to do. You graciously offered to work on me if I thought I could make it over on my way home from work. By the time I left your house, the pain was not nearly as bad, I could move without horrible pain, and today (the following morning) I am much better.

Since, I am writing you this thank you I would like to also thank you for helping my daughter. Kelly was in an accident almost 3 yrs ago. After having “Titanium” put in her neck, being in braces to help stabilize her injury she was in chronic pain. I suggested she come see you, perhaps you would be able to unlock the blocked energy flow from all the trauma she had been through with the accident and surgery. I finally got her there to see you and her results were amazing. Her energy level was up, and she said, “Mom, I feel great”. I am a firm believer you are a healer, you do not have to be in pain or sick to reap the benefits of your gift. We all work hard, and have stresses we are not even aware of.
Pamela, you are a wonderful gift in a crazy world. Thank you for being.

As Always and with Great Appreciation,



Hi Pamela,

When I got your email, I sat here thinking about you for the longest time. Finally I said, heck, and decided to write and say hi. You worked on my French Bulldog, Emma, a few years back when I lived in Laguna Beach. You also worked your wonderful gift on me once as well. You made a believer out of me and you gave me my puppy back. She never limped again. No more vets telling me about painful hip replacement surgeries. No more cries when she went up or down the steps. No more walks where she would hold up her hind paw to ease her pain and discomfort. After working with you, Emma romped and played like a puppy should. And she has been healthy and happy ever since!

I am so glad that I found you when I did (or maybe you found me). You are someone I will consider a friend for life even though I did not really get to know you as well as I would have liked. You just stand out to me as one of the most gentle, genuine and kind people I have ever met. You offered to help us when I felt helpless. You are a brilliant and beautiful gal with an amazing gift. Thank you for sharing it with us. I hope this e-mail finds you well and that your world is full of good things.

Take care-
Greg Dadd


Pam has a gentle touch and kind spirit that connects with yours and allows her energy to help support and heal your pain. After my healing sessions I’ve felt lighter, more relaxed and less pain from a chronic health condition I’ve been battling for years. Pam has a way with all creatures and my Chihuahua Blade will even have releases when he’s resting beside me while Pam works her magic.

Karean Chapman


Pam Foster had great skill in assessing and impressive success in treating a chronic condition in one of our very old retired quarter horses. She was able to make measurable progress with his cellulitis when others had long since given up.She has great compassion and insight with animals and humans.

Carol Caddes
MFTProgram Director
Otra Mas


Pamela, I just wanted to give you an update on my right ankle since I met with you.
When we met I was having discomfort and swelling on my right ankle. As you remember I had injured my right ankle two years ago. I was diagnosed with a hair-line fracture to my right ankle. I was under medical care by a well known Orthopedic doctor in Newport Beach. I had to wear an Orthopedic boot for six weeks. When I no longer wore the boot, I started having an edema problem on both feet. My feet were three times their normal size, from swelling.
I went back to my Orthopedic doctor and he reviewed my condition, and referred me back to my GP. My GP referred me to a kidney specialist. After that appointment I had blood work and did see three other specialists and my feet were still swollen. I had every test done that you could imagine. Nothing helped my swelling. I was even in physical therapy.
I did seek help with alternative treatments that did help the swelling somewhat. When I met with Pamela, I gave her the history of my injury. Pamela just placed her hands on my right ankle. Pamela later explained what she sensed. Pamela said I would be fine, the swelling went away within hours.
That night when I went to bed, I noticed where I had a red looking lump on my right ankle, it had disappeared, and the discomfort I had felt for almost two years had also disappeared.
My left foot also had some swelling, Pamela also treated that ankle. Again the swelling went down, that ankle did not have a lump, but the discomfort I felt, also went away.
Pamela said she felt she had to work on my pineal gland. I do not understand all of the details of the healing. All I know is, it works .My health issue has improved within hours, after my treatment with Pamela..
I would recommend Pamela Foster and her gifted ability to sense and evaluate a health condition, plus treat the condition immediately. If anyone would like a recommendation, I would be happy to speak with them You may give out my contact information to your future clients.
I thank you for your pleasant and professional manner, and also my improved health. Please feel free to give out my phone number.

Best Regards,
Karen E. Rezek


“While we were out of town, Maili, our thoroughbred race horse, had a reaction to something. Maili had been bucking, kicking and rubbing her mouth along the corral rail in effects to relieve herself of the horrible pain. Everyone suspected a bee sting. Maili’s face was swollen as if she had Elephantiasis and enormous welts throughout her body. Seeing the horse in such distress, Pam performed an aura cleanse on her throat area, knowing the importance of keeping the throat clear for breathing. When the vet arrived, she immediately administered medication, although everybody, including the vet, was shocked that the swelling never reached Maili’s throat area. Thank God for Pam, otherwise Maili might have suffocated.
The following day, Maili’s swelling was minimal and the welts were almost gone, although she seemed a bit agitated and still in some pain. Later that evening, Maili became very agitated; rubbing and kicking the side of the corral and was not eating. Her lips seemed to be swelling up again. We were concerned over Maili’s condition and asked Pam to work on her. She immediately sensed that Maili had a sinus headache. She worked on her head area and Maili began eating. Shorty after, Maili became agitated again! Pam sensed that Maili’s legs were itchy, so she performed an aura cleanse on her entire body. It was an amazing experience to watch as we witnessed Maili’s instant relief from all that pain.
The next day when Pam stopped by to check on Maili’s condition, Maili walked straight over to her and started continuously licking Pam’s hands,( something that we have never seen her do to anybody before), as if she were thanking her for the healing.
Since the aura cleanse, Maili hasn’t been in any discomfort and hasn’t stopped eating.
Martin and Sandra Malagon, San Juan Capistran


My English Mastiff puppy woke up with his paw twice the size as normal.. We took him to the ER and they scared us completely, said this type of infection is impossible to cure and he could quite possibly lose a toe. I contacted Pam immediately, I was so worried. She traveled to San Diego the NEXT DAY and worked on him. He was miserable before she came, and after a while he was snoring while she worked on him. Before she left we saw improvement, he was actually putting weight on his paw. Here we are just 3 days later and his paw is almost back to normal.

Angela Jeffrey Adu-Badu


I am very happy! My mare, Rita, was showing some reluctance in her workouts and even though I tried schooling her, she just wasn’t willing to work through the issues. I booked a package of sessions with Pam Foster and very quickly I saw positive results. Rita now moves smoothly and adeptly, the way a cutting horse should. When Pam showed me what was going on, I understood the value of Pam’s experience as a healer and could see how what she did prevented Rita sustaining serious and long lasting injuries.

Tina Lattanzio


My sweet girl was born with so many problems that we have been repairing one thing after another for years. At 18 months old she had elbow surgery on both front legs for chips in her elbows. At about 4, she tore her ACL on one leg and a year later, the other leg. Meantime, she started to scrape her toenails on one of her hindlegs. I was frantic. I took her to the Orthopaedic Surgeon who told me she had Cauda Equina Syndrome and that I would lose her in a few short months. He recommended that I take her to a Neurologist. I did that and he said that she had Degenerative Myelopathy and I would lose her in a few short months. After sobbing for several days, I got angry and called a local breeder. The breeder referred me to a Physical Therapist about an hour and half from my home. We went twice a week for some time and I setup all sorts of physical therapy obstacles in my driveway. I was faithful every morning about taking her over the obstacles, walking in zigzag motions up and down hills, massaging her and several other things. After a while, she improved enough for us to cut down to physical therapy to once a week and most recently, whenever needed. However, she never completely quit scraping her back toenails. It wasn’t all the time but it was intermittent. The Physical Therapist diagnosed her with Intravertebral Disc Disease. She did several back adjustments but I could tell that my dog was not quite right. I was referred to Pam by a mutual friend. When Pam arrived for the first time, Xochitl understood immediately. The strangest thing I’ve ever seen. My giant dog who runs and jumps and twirls whenever somebody new comes to the house was calm and laid down right at Pam’s feet. Somehow she knew. After the first treatment, Xochitl slept all day long, she never even lifted her head. The next day she was about the same as far as scraping was concerned but on the third day, there was such a marked improvement that I became a believer! We have now had weekly sessions for several weeks and today, Xochitl jumped into the car for the first time ever in her entire life. Normally, she puts her front paws up on the car seat and waits for me to boost her, quite a task as she weighs 85 lbs. I thought to myself, “huh, that’s unusual.” I took her to the other side of town, ran some errands and took her for a walk. When she was through with the walk she lept right back up into the car unaided. This, is truly a miracle! In addition, she has much more energy than she ever had before Pam’s help. We are ever so grateful for the help that she provided! Amazing.

Katie Garrigan


I met Pam at a friends yard, she worked on my foot that had been hurting me for quite a while and I chatted to her and found out that she has this special gift to heal. Fast forward a few months and I was at Rossdales with my month old filly foal being told that I should leave her there to be put to sleep as she’d fractured her shoulder in several places and would never be sound. After losing several foals that year, not a good breeding year, I wasn’t planning on losing another, and Lilly was so feisty and full of herself that me and her joint owner decided we’d give her 2 weeks box rest and throw everything we could at her to help her heal. I rang Pam and she came and met Lilly the next day. She worked on her every other day for that 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks were up we walked her and her mum around our barn and she walked out sound. So we kept Pam coming every couple of days and slowly got mum and daughter out in the pen, then after about a month and a half they were back out in the big field, with Lilly running like she’d had no problem. Pam was coming every 2 weeks and is now down to once a month. Lilly is weaned now and out with our other foal and all we can hope is that she’ll have no problems in the future, but right now she is a happy yearling that runs about the field with her friend. We can’t thank Pam enough for her help and will always call on her to see other horses.

Tamsin Conyers


Massive thank you to Pam for her work on Poppy!
Poppy went lame in the summer of 2019 and as she is getting an older girl, I thought our competing days were over. We put her on rest for several months with no improvement. Then I met Pam and within two sessions I was back riding her! We worked on getting Poppy’s fitness back slowly and she began acting like a 6 year old! She was soon back out competing and of course winning her classes, which is fantastic! Pam was very patient and professional with Poppy, I would 100% recommend her! I cannot thank her enough!

Ruby Ellis


I met Pam when she came to our livery yard and asked her to give Myhia a pre season check over, I didn’t think we had any issues, just thought I would have her check her over.
When Pam put her hands over Myhia you could see something wasn’t right in her shoulders and back. After an hour’s treatment. it was quite obvious Myhia needed space to take it in. Within half an hour she was happy for me to turn her out. The same happened with the second treatment.
We then had our first event of the season and Myhia felt amazing! We had one of our most relaxed dressage tests and lovely sj round 4faults, (which was my fault), and a foot perfect xc 5th place. Our best start to a season. I also asked Pam to give Myhia a treatment after the event and she was alot different after Pam had finished. This time she was happy to go straight out and not have her half hour chill time.

Anita Lenton

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